Indie Go Go campaign: Instrumental Change.

This is a fundraiser for the music therapy program at Mount Saint Vincent Home in Denver.


Hello my name is Jesse Farley and I am a student at Metro State University of Denver.

I am interested in digital media, social media, and crowd funding, 


Here’s the logo I created for Instrumental change, our Indie Go Go Campaign.

I tried to keep it simple. Let me Know what you think.



Short Summary

We are four guys from Metro State University, trying to raise money to buy equipment for the music therapy program at Mount Saint Vincent. Mount Saint Vincent provides clinical treatment and nurturing care for children who have been abused, neglected, traumatized, or suffer from mental illness. Mount Saint Vincent’s board certified music therapist has expressed a need for electronic drum kits. Our goal is to raise enough to buy a set for each of the three residential cottages. We would also like to provide them with additional equipment, including drum practice pads and sticks, headphones, and Kindle Tablets. Our minimum goal is $1500, and our maximum is $3000. Any funds raised beyond that will be donated directly to the Mount Saint Vincent music therapy program.